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Bio Window & Glass

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Bio Window & Glass is a powerful, earth-friendly, and people-safe cleaner that easily removes smudges and grease marks from glass and other hard surfaces without leaving unsightly streaks behind.

A Versatile Cleaner for More Than Just Glass

Part of Biosolutions’ industrial cleaning line, Bio Window & Glass is an economical high-performance spray and wipe cleaner formulated to work on a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces. From interior and exterior windows and computer screens to acrylic and stainless steel, this economical cleaner removes the most stubborn soils from commercial, institutional, and industrial settings.

Industrial Strength, Worker-Safe

Although Bio Window & Glass is a potent cleaner with impressive soil-removing abilities, it’s non-toxic, butyl and phosphate-free with minimal environmental impact. With a neutral pH and a refreshing lemon fragrance, it will quickly become the glass cleaner of choice for building service contractors as well as food service, hospitality, and janitorial-sanitation (jan-san) personnel.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective on glass and other hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Safe for use on acrylic, painted surfaces, stainless steel, and computer screens
  • Cleans a variety of soils, including grease, without streaking
  • Non-toxic and free of harmful cleaning chemicals
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Cost effective

Packaging Options

  • 32 ounce spray quarts (case of 12 + 2 spraying nozzles)
  • 1 gallon jug (case of 4)
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 260 gallon totes

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