Our Disinfecting Detergent is recognized by the US EPA as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.


Auto Service & Repair

Biosolutions produces a variety of products to serve the auto service and repair industry. From cleaning agents that power away grease to fast-acting rust removers and corrosion inhibitors, our formulas provide great value to auto mechanics.

Building Service Contractors

Whether you manage janitorial programs for one commercial property or many, Biosolutions’ cleaning products help building service contractors increase productivity and profits. From our diverse line of cost-effective, green cleaning chemicals to our Quart Pack Cleaning Program, which promotes easy training and efficiency, we have a solution for all types of facilities.

Car Wash & Auto Detailing

Biosolutions’ innovative cleaning products are valuable tools in the auto detailing and car wash industry. Excellent for interior and exterior glass and hard surface cleaning, our eco-friendly solutions are highly efficient and cost effective.


Biosolutions’ line of eco-friendly cleaners are perfect for use in school janitorial programs because they are hardworking yet completely safe for students and staff. With options for restroom care, floor care, glass care, disinfecting, and general cleaning applications, our products offer complete solutions for K-12 school systems, colleges, and universities. Biosolutions is also proud to offer the Quart Pack Cleaning Program as a way for schools to streamline janitorial staff training, increase productivity, and reduce waste.

Food Service

From fine restaurants to food trucks and industrial kitchens to institutional cafeterias, Biosolutions manufactures a variety of green cleaning products to serve the needs of the food service industry. Our versatile cleanersdegreasers are safe to use in food prep areas, ensuring a spotless kitchen without harm to personnel or the environment.  3rd Party endorsement for Food Prep recognition is possible.


Nothing is more important in ensuring guests have an enjoyable stay at a hotel than the cleanliness of the guest rooms and overall facility. With options for restrooms, glass, disinfecting, and general cleaning, Biosolutions’ eco-friendly cleaners offer a full-facility solution with impressive cost-savings for the hospitality industry.

Industrial Cleaning

Biosolutions offers a wide range of cleaning products for a variety of industrial settings. Developed to stand up to the tough demands of manufacturing settings, our industrial cleaning line includes solutions for general maintenance, floor care, degreasing, glass care, and more. Though powerful and highly effective, Biosolutions’ industrial cleaning products are free of harmful chemicals.

Janitorial-Sanitation (Jan-San)

Biosolutions’ innovative green cleaning products and cost-saving programs offer great value to the janitorial-sanitation industry. Featuring a full line of high-performance floor care, glass care, disinfecting, and general cleaning products, we also offer custom blending and private labeling solutions for the jan-san customer.


Biosolutions manufactures a full line of green synthetic metalworking fluids for a range of industrial manufacturing processes, including metal forming and drawing, machining and grinding, and welding. Our operator-friendly chemicals include ultra-efficient coolants and lubricants, powerful rust inhibitors and removers, versatile parts cleaning solutions, and protective welding support products.

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