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Biosolutions creates new long-lasting, environment-safe metalworking fluid

Biosolutions recently completed an interesting study which resulted in several major advancements for the metal fabrication and machining industry. We formulated several new and improved metalworking fluids to last longer, all while staying environmentally friendly and machine-safe.

The metal fabrication and machining industry has always seen a problem with coolants not lasting much longer than 3-4 months. This is an obvious issue, because when you’re-changing metal working fluids in your machines, you’re not making parts. It is essential for metalworking fluids to be designed with great lubricity in order for metal manufacturers to reduce operating costs and work as productively as possible. Before beginning the reformulation process, two of our scientists Adam Bringedahl and Joe Saviano did some research and hypothesized that a coolants’ shortened product life and decrease in performance was due to microbial contamination metabolizing important components of the coolant.

We worked with several partners to investigate different ingredients to use in our reformulation in order to extend the coolant’s durability and performance quality. After months of testing, Joe & Adam found just the right combinations to results in Emerald CNC for CNC machining, the Bio ME Family of Stamping Fluids, and Bio 9001 for roll-forming.

When put up against competing roll-forming fluids, Bio 9001 outlasted the others and yielded less wear on tooling and machines. Its useful life exceeds three times that of earlier formulas, which generates savings in fluid, maintenance, tool replacement, and labor costs. As Bio 9001 allows for the formula to maintain bio-stability for a longer period of time, it also improves overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by 30%, and allows machinery to run more smoothly and stay cleaner.

Biosolutions’ General Manager Mark James Lackner is pleased with the positive impact Bio 9001 has had for their clients and their productivity levels. “Biosolutions is proud of the fact that customer test results continue to show Bio 9001 works on a wide variety of metals,” Mark said. “Even more importantly, its sump life (currently over 18 months) is more than three times that of other synthetics, and oil-based lubricants. This is an unheard of money-saving feature of this remarkable product.”

If you’re in need of a long-lasting, environmentally-safe coolant that will increase productivity levels all while cutting costs, Bio 9001 may be the solution for you. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more and order samples.

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